About Kroon

The history of our mercantile house..
What started in 1965 as a wholesaler in textiles for bulk consumption, has expanded to a real international mercantile house today. An unforeseeable development to be sure. As a result of working together with trading company Van Maarssen in our early years, we came into contact with the phenomenon of duvets, and consequently with "down".

The first duvets on the Dutch market were filled with down imported from Germany, which was close by and familiar. However, once it became known that there was top quality down to be obtained in the Far East at a very reasonable price, we looked farther afield. At the beginning of the seventies, we started doing business in China. After several intensive introductory visits, a solid basis for cooperation was laid with a number of Chinese entrepeneurs. This cooperation, which still exists, has only increased, because we no longer deal in textiles only. And that is why in 1983 we changed our name "Kroon Textiles" into "Kroon International BV".

The world is our field
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